Thursday, March 6, 2014

What is the Future of Wearable Tech in Education?

Tomorrow I am excited to be a guest on the Burlington High School Help Desk Live where I get to talk about how we are integrating Google Glass into the teaching & learning process at The Ellis School and chat with other Google Glass Explorers in Education and students at Burlington. I hope to have a couple of girls from the Ellis Geek Squad make an appearance as well! 

While we have just begun using Glass in Class - the primary use has been for both professional development for faculty on using new technologies, to flip class as a part of our Active Classroom for Girls project where we have created "LabCasts" and to let students wear them to capture elements of their day, just experience Glass by using the translator app or taking their own video or photos. 

Here is Sophia, '15 #throughglass in the Ellis CoLaboratory

I believe wearable technologies like Google Glass have great potential in education and we are certainly explorers at this point! Interestingly, the students were super excited and immediately noticed and knew what I was wearing the first day I walked in with Glass. They all huddled in my office and were hanging out in the CoLaboratory to get a chance to try them on! Only a few of our very tech-savvy teachers and my Active Classroom partner Sam knew what I walked into school with that first day. 

Teachers thinking about trying out glass need to be fairly open to tinkering to get used to Glass. The battery life isn't stellar and the internal memory only allows for a few flipped videos or photos until they have to be downloaded. Only recently the option to send video directly online was implemented and that has definitely saved some time. Given that - I am super excited we get to be Glass Explorers and learn how they can make our curricular program more active and alive! 

Be sure to check out Maggie Powers blog: She has been using Glass a lot longer and has documented the entire process! 

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