Sunday, February 1, 2015

#28daysofwriting and Reflections on Innovation in Learning

Looking forward to a busy yet reflective month of writing, the NAIS conference in Boston where I am co-presenting a 3 hour workshop on Blended Learning and 1 hour panel on Design Thinking with my #dtk12chat friends. In addition to my blogging I will be synthesizing and writing a report on the "Innovation Interviews" I have been conducting with our department heads, starting a new 2015-17 technology and innovation strategic plan, submitting a grant application for the "Girls Who Make it with Code" program and running a few Learning Innovation Institute workshops. 

While there is a lot going on for me to write about, I am also hoping to get to some topics that I always want to write about but never make the time.  I came up with the following list:

  • Active Learning research at Ellis 
  • Active Learning Summit happening this summer.
  • Exploring digital badges and the concept of a learning ecosystem.
  • Teaching or co-teaching a transdisciplinary course.
  • Practices of innovative teachers and leaders 
  • Book review of The Design Way 
  • STEM to STEAM via Innovation Stations 
  • Google Hangout recap 
  • Why and how to start digital portfolios in your school
  • 'How Might We' questions for potential design challenges
  • Design challenge examples at all grade levels 
  • Redesigning learning spaces 
  • Experiential learning in the community
  • Teaching digital media literacy and citizenship in an active and engaging way
  • Examples of Project Based Learning in the humanities
  • Innovation coaches - what and why?
Those are just a few of the topics I have come up with so far! I can definitely fill-in with some fun edtech topics on web tools and tricks as well as on Design Thinking and the NAIS conference. I am also open to requests and suggestions! 

Looking forward to a fun month on my personal blog but also blogging for the NAIS conference and the NAIS Teachers of the Future #NAISTOF "Slow Chat" on blended learning. 

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