Sunday, January 28, 2018

School Model Infographics - Do you have one?

How do you explain a project-based, personalized, equity-focused, internship enriched and funded, deeper learning, design thinking, technology rich, advisory and soft-skill focused high school? 

That explanation is a mouthful and not practical at all... but we often find the need to go into this level of detail because our high school model is so different than the norm. Add to this our pathways program where all students, at the end of the tenth grade, "declare" a career cluster area and post-secondary pathway and our Network Campus Program - it can get confusing to new families and outsiders. To aid in clearing up some of the confusion and helping new families, faculty and students on-board to our model, we have designed a new infographic. 

Does your school have a similar infographic and if not, why not? The design of this infographic went through 4 iterations that included feedback from students, faculty and the general public (through twitter) to refine and re-design. We intend to use this graphic on admissions materials, banners, with our new student and new hire orientation presentations as well as with people that come visit us. We have had close to 40 tours this school-year, so far. I joke that giving tours needs to be on my job description. 

What school infographic models can you share? What do you think is still missing from this one? 

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