Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Being a Connected Educator

So what does it mean to be a connected educator?

Being a connected educator is about collective learning, sharing and exploration of what learning is for yourself and your students. New technologies like twitter and the multitude of blogging sites create new ways of connecting, collaborating, learning while providing an array of opportunities and possibilities for re-envisioning the concept of learning. Our students live and will work in an increasingly highly connected and collaborative world, and we have to understand what this means for learning, working, and living in order to provide a more personal, self-directed and more effective learning environment for the students. 

3 ways to get started with being more connected are using twitter, blogging and attending an EdCamp. 

There are many benefits of being a connected educator:

  • Opportunities to collaborate on a variety of research, projects, techniques for teaching 
  • Access to learn about current things happening in education all over the world.
  • Learn about the best practices for teaching globally and share them with others..

Here is an amazing list of twitter chats that happen weekly. It's ok to be a "lurker" and just watch at first. You will be lured to jump in soon. 

Also take a look at this list of edcamps.

Connected Educator Starter Kit

-Lisa Abel-Palmieri, Ph.D. (@Learn21Tech)  

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