Monday, April 14, 2014

Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom

Augmented Reality is a real thing - and you can use it in the classroom to inspire creativity and
alternatively assess your students. If your school has iPads or you allow students to use their mobile devices, they can get started right away. Download the Aurasma APP - its free and pretty simple to use. All you need is the APP and a "trigger image" - the image that makes your augmented reality come alive. From there, link to a video or any other media on the web. 

Aurasma and other augmented reality APPS change the way we interact with the world around us. Educators and students can use this APP to really bring their learning to life. Aurasma is being used several different ways in the classroom:
  1. The flipped classroom: When students scan a page of their homework, the page reveals a video of their teacher helping them solve a problem.
  2. Faculty classroom previews: Set up a "trigger image" near the school entrance and classrooms. Visitors can scan the image and see video or audio of the teachers talking about their classroom and come to life.
  3. Book Reviews: Students record themselves giving a brief review of a novel that they just finished, and then attach that "aura" (assigned digital information) to a book. Afterward, anyone can scan the cover of the book and instantly access the review.
  4. Word Walls: Students can record themselves providing the definitions to different vocabulary words on a word wall. Afterward, anyone can use the Aurasma app to make a peer pop up on screen, telling them the definition and using the word in a sentence.
  5. Create posters or billboards to promote exciting upcoming events and features. Have each section of the poster come to life with specific information about a school, event, sports recaps, highlights, etc.
  6. Living Art Gallery: Students create an art project in the style of a famous artist or genre. The project contains a video overlay of the student explaining their piece. 

These are just a few ways to use Augmented Reality in your classroom. The potential is only limited to your imagination. 

Comprehensive Guide to Aurasma

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